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People who have a Collector Car know it is a great source of pleasure and the hobby itself a pastime steeped in tradition.

Their Classic is also something they take rather seriously, because ownership represents a considerable investment of their time, passion and financial resources.

But, while enjoying their Classic, dynamic changes within the Collector car market have been at work redefining the hobby.

What is redefining the classic car market?
Transparency via documentation Increasing focus on investment
Expanded responsibilities of ownership Rapidly rising values

Values, which have never been higher, now focus greatly on the investment characteristics of every Classic.

Measurements of quality and condition have advanced from visual inspection alone to a higher degree of analysis relying on documentation to verify these qualities.

Similarly, the often overlooked recorded history of a Classic along with stories and photographs are becoming critical to set interest, provenance and monetary worth.

Regrettably, many owners remain unaware of these significant developments; how they are impacting traditional Classic vehicle ownership, remain ill-prepared to adapt to these newly defined benchmarks, often challenged by the documentation process itself and without an effective method to properly protect important vehicle information.

Fortunately, the help you need has arrived. It's called Garagistry.

Created by automotive professionals and
recognized by collector car experts

If you have a Classic, you should begin using Garagistry; a system dedicated to the process of organizing, managing and protecting every detail about Classic vehicles 25 years old or older and regardless if your car is a ‘garden variety driver’ or one of the most highly coveted vehicles of all time.

While designed to meet the exacting standards of “Blue-Chip” collectors it is equally well-suited for use by the casual hobbyist. It is exactly what every owner needs to efficiently manage and support their automotive investment without impacting the enjoyment of Classic vehicle ownership and regardless of Make, Model or Country of Origin, vehicle type, your personal objective, focus or budget.

The development of Garagistry was guided by exhaustive research, professional experience and input from experts who have both a deep understanding of the market and a lifelong association within the Collector Car hobby.

We combined all of these elements, and then leveraged technology to craft an entirely different, powerful, yet easy to use system for every Classic car owner. The results earned the support of knowledgeable Collectors who expressed an opinion anyone who owns a Classic can use Garagistry to address transformational market changes and dramatically improve their ability to benefit from recent developments.


Each Garagistry account incorporates everything you need to get started, including abundant, private cloud-based storage; the digital equivalent of a fireproof safe. There is nothing else to buy.

Your account is accessible using your favorite device without installing any additional software or mobile device application.

Your electronic vehicle records are under your control, with unparalleled security and protection, instantly available wherever you may be and can act as a digitized vehicle “fingerprint” in the event of theft or loss.

We also do not share or sell any of this information with any other business, at any time, for any reason – period. Your personal information and identity remain equally protected and private 100% of the time.

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Read what the experts say

"Given the level of security provided, and your approach to preserving the automotive history and related documentation for classic vehicles is acknowledged by a Collector, I believe Garagistry has a unique opportunity to have a positive impact on the classic car hobby and individual enthusiasts alike."

Dr. Frederick A. Simeone
Executive Director Simeone Automotive Museum

“As an avid car collector for decades, I can attest to the significant benefits of Garagistry's services. Their services provide a fast and convenient back- up for our original documents. The opportunity to trace ownership lineage, restoration work, and history of a given vehicle adds great credibility, and credibility adds great value. I highly recommend Garagistry and all their services. Their business model will help preserve our automobile heritage.”

Tim Wellborn
Renown Automotive Collector Wellborn Muscle Car Museum

“Based on over 40 years in the classic car community, I would recommend a thorough review of Garagistry. The benefits I can envision for the Classic Car Community are very significant... ”

David Burroughs - Founder
Prove-It, Survivor®, and Bloomington Gold vehicle authenticity services

“A vehicle’s history has always played a role in the value...but it is only recently that a vehicle’s history has played such a tremendous role...It is your job as the vehicle’s current caretaker to preserve that story for future generations.”

Bryan Shook - Esquire - Founder Vintage Automotive, LLC
Redefining Automotive Law

“Proper documentation will become a necessary asset. One of the most integral parts of classic car preservation is preserving its history. A car with well-documented ownership and maintenance records is almost always easier to appraise and nearly without exception, a more valuable commodity. Once a car’s past has been established, the time to begin documenting its new history is the day the preservation process begins. All the information logged during the preservation process should be kept with the car for the rest of its life, and should be added to over time to make sure that its historical record remains detailed and sound.”

Scott Grundfor
Renown Automotive Conservator & Restoration Expert

“...the collector car community could have a huge body of knowledge, an information and photographic archive on all different automobiles. (But) if we don’t start preserving it now, much of that may be lost...”

David Burroughs - Founder
Prove-It, Survivor®, and Bloomington Gold vehicle authenticity services

Yes – Because You Need a Simple Solution to Changing Market Conditions

From start to finish, Garagistry's proprietary software and standardized system dramatically simplifies your efforts. Highly refined tools automatically guide the workflow giving you the power to generate accurate, perfectly constructed and electronically protected digital "Auto-Biographies".

Yes – Because EVERY Classic Can Be Documented

Properly organizing the details, documents, records, receipts, photos and known history is the only method supported by appraisers to validate the quality, condition and value of your Classic. Today’s buyers are now focusing more on the rarity and condition of the Classics they review.

Yes – Because Garagistry is Recognized by Leading Classic Car Authorities

A quality you will find nowhere else. They stand firm in their belief this evidence will improve your vehicle’s credibility, enhance demand and promote proper valuation; advantages everyone wants.


Become part of a dedicated group of owners who have already discovered the powerful features of Garagistry. Begin leveraging all the benefits brought by change while protecting everything from the big picture to the smallest detail of your Classic, each automatically cataloged, organized by type and linked to the correct vehicle.




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