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Garagistry is the first online Classic automotive Community
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Authentic to the Original Spirit of the Hobby

Everything we do is held to the standard of the Original Spirit — It's your hobby, your car, truck or motorcycle. We support you whether you've got a trailer queen, a rat-rod, barn-find, or daily driver. All Classics are welcome and so are you.

Garagistry is our ONLY business

We don't have advertising, we don't sell cars or other products, and we don't sell our members. Your personal information is protected. Our only business is providing a high-quality environment with powerful tools and features for every Classic car owner.

Preserve the History of Your Classic

You deserve the opportunity to create a permanent record of your Classic, to preserve its history, and to share your Classic with others without it becoming a commercial. Garagistry has no advertising and there is nothing else to buy.

Guide the Value of Your Classic

Your Classic doesn't need to be pedigreed to have provenance. Recording the restoration work you've done, including all of the details and known history, can make a significant difference in the interest and valuation of your car

Garagistry supports You, the Hobby, and the Future

When you become a Garagistry member we become a team of owners taking part in an effort to support the hobby today, and as an invitation to future generations.

Batteries Included

Your membership includes access to every part of Garagistry and all of the features. Come join the growing group of enthusiasts, owners, and clubs who have already discovered what you've been missing.

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