Our Story

It Started With a Need

After spending some time away from the hobby, we recently returned to the world of classic cars to find it a very different world than we had left. Classic cars had become an alternate asset class of investment, and some cars were selling for truly staggering amounts of money.

As we looked around for tools to track and document the work we were putting into our cars, we realized two things. One, that cars which sold for the most were those with the best documentation, and two, that there weren’t really any good online repositories for this documentation. Everyone was keeping it in notebooks, filing cabinets, and three ring binders.

We were more than a little stunned.

Classic car hobbyists were spending hundreds, even thousands of hours on documentation and keeping it in something that wasn’t much more secure than a shoebox in the back of a closet. That’s when we decided if we couldn’t find the right resource, we had to make it. That’s when Garagistry was born!

A Better Way for Classic Car Owners of Every Caliber:

Garagistry is an online registry for everything related to your classic car project, from the history of the car to the parts used in the restoration to the market conditions and projected value once the project is completed. It’s the perfect online repository for your vehicle’s information. Garagistry It will cut down the time you spend dealing with paperwork, and because it’s based in secure cloud storage, you won’t lose all your information should a disaster hit your garage or office.

If you’re worried about privacy, don’t be; we’ve done everything possible to ensure your data is as private and secure as you want it to be. And we’re more than a registry. Because everything is better when it’s shared, Garagistry is home to a growing community of classic car enthusiasts who understand the importance of a car’s pedigree and provenance.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to have you join us.

And, if you’re an investor with an exceptional interest in the collector car market, you can contact us for more information at investorinquiry@garagistry.com